In 2020, Rubik's challenged us to recruit a new generation of problem solvers – inspiring Gen Z to master the solve by giving Rubik's Cube a more relevant role in their lives. ​​​​​​
We developed a new creative platform to power all Rubik's communications, positioning the product as an exciting (and educational) portal to adventure. Launching with a suite of social assets, we targeted Gen Z on the platforms they love – sparking engagement with an inspiring new look and feel. 

My Role
I was involved in all stages of the project – shaping the core creative idea, penning the campaign expression and presenting our ideas as they evolved. I also played a key role in overseeing the birth of our new, distinctive look and feel – working with a tight-knit team of designers, illustrators and animators to bring our vision to life.​​​​​​
Agency – Movement Digital
Creative Director – Mark Freeman
Design Director – Tim Ash 
Design & Motion Graphics – Lewis Peat
Illustration –  Renaud Lavency
Animation – Nicolas Grandry
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