In 2020, we brought Batchelors together with Square Enix to create an exclusive Super Noodles promotion featuring Final Fantasy VII Remake.   
We partnered Batchelors with Square Enix to launch a new 'instant win' promotion created for Super Noodles. The idea was simple – every pack guaranteed a prize, with 1000s up for grabs. To help drive purchase, the promotion launched alongside the highly anticipated release of Final Fantasy VIII Remake – running exclusively at Tescos with limited edition packs, in-store artwork and a promotional website.

My Role
As a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, I played a key role in selling our vision to both Batchelors and Square Enix – creating and presenting different activation ideas, planning out the prize tiers, and producing a 'shopper journey' to help pitch the idea to Tescos. The promotion was a huge success with 282,436 entries and 81,486 winners.​​​​​​​
Agency – Movement Digital
Creative Director – Tim Ash
Design & Motion Graphics – Lewis Peat & Ryan Cheshire
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