Client: Fanta
Project: Social Campaign
Role: Creative Lead
Since 2017, we've been helping Fanta become the drink of choice for teens at Halloween – and the goal for our digital campaign in 2019 was no different. ​​​​​​​
Inspired by the launch of Fanta Dark – a new limited edition Fanta flavour – we provoked teens to question whether Fanta had gone "Too Dark" with the brand's Halloween activity. Snapchat lenses could be unlocked from special Fanta packs, while Instagram content helped drive home the message that Fanta might have gone too far this time.

Key Achievements
For this campaign, my focus was managing the creation of our Snapchat lenses – working with Snapchat's team of technologists to take my ideas from pen and pencil scamps to their final (hideous) forms. Alongside this, I also played a key role in creating our Instagram content – developing ideas and penning copy.
Agency – Movement Digital
Creative Director – Mark Freeman
Design Director – Tim Ash
Snap Ad Animation – Flock London
Snap Filters Development – Snapchat Inc 
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